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Yoda Activation and Awesome Synchronicities

Hello my gorgeous Patreons and Spirit Seekers. I'm soul grateful for another beautiful poem inspired by an incredibly fun gentlemen with whom I had the blessing to coach and inspire back into his full truth.

We had such an amazing time.. connected on so many levels! And his transformation happened quickly. His heart is gold and I'm excited to see how his life changes because of his dramatic perspective shifts.. Star Wars Saga for Two:

Geared towards the artistically inclined

It’s no surprise the Divine

has brought us together

in this sacred TimeLine

Mm! Refined.

Our time together has defined

Some places of growth that with a bit of awareness

Will surely blossom in exponential

Care and finesse

You’re the freaking best!

Let’s call this the Omni Awakening

Two souls

Sharing similar tastes in Les Claypool’s decadence

Awesome humans who savor the flavor of fanciful learning

and bliss.

I’ll tell you my Penny Lane stories and you..

Remind me about the time you soared so high in full Mosh Pit regale

The feeling of being a God lifted

into another realm.

Goodness gracious did we move quickly

From one phase into the next

Allowing authenticity to nurture

The many different facets of our

Internal landscapes and togetherness.

Who to acknowledge first?

Perhaps Kid Style and his ability create community? Bringing together foxy ladies within the hip hop movement of unity.

Or the Perry Feral phase of growth- where one realizes that you’re already dope. No more playing Han Solo, nope. But I do appreciate how you

love to express your wild side..

It’s time to full on Master the Yoda stroll though!

And so..

we merged with nature to listen to the

waterfalls whispers

around what you truly desire

Through the forests, holding hands

Sliding through mud

Exploring new lands


Nature always moves me

The flowing waterfall did prove to we

That life is ever changing

So go with the flow

And allow life to move you from

One phase to the next


You did it graciously.

Gratefully; I find myself smiling

At your chariot arriving

Top of the mountain

Evening night sky stars twinkling wildly

Excitement did permeate through both of us

As you, handsome man, did create safety and trust


You’re such a good listener and provider. You truly care about the feminine finding healing and devotion.

I know cause you shared some of your own personal magic potion

With me.

Do you remember that time we let the waterfall take our cares away? You and I? So different and yet seemingly similar anxieties.

The whole world is struggling..

You are never alone.

It's an illusion to think that everyone else has it figured out

life is just plain ole messy..

but when you find something - someone - a family

worth it?

well then you simply don't quit. You show up and compromise

so that you can rise

and bring those along side you

up into brighter skies.

And thankfully your breakthroughs

Are getting you

Exactly the life

You desire to see

Just be it.

Do or do not there is no try.

Heated nights of music and massages

I’ll forever collect the times you’d laugh out of silence just to remind me,

Well, that’s what happiness is.

Pleasure and playfulness.

Celebrating new musical endeavors over sushi

Turning heads during Willy Wonka solo’s

Fashion police and Audrey murals

Just a taste of our silly adventures that followed

Ecstatic moments of togetherness

Quenching a thirst you’d had for a while.

Just to remember that..

You’ve got a lot of love to drink up all around you.

Investing in change is always worth it

Especially when you’re so worthwhile.

And you’re so worthwhile!

Tell me one more time about the gay woman inside?

Your style and how you’ve been making positive change for your whole life long!

I adore you! I am you! I see myself in you! I cherish the transformation that came from our willingness to just go all in.

And then savor the flavor of decadence.

You've known the whole time what you needed to do.

Thank you for giving me a chance to simply remind you.

With Love,

Your Muse

I'm so grateful for my own journey and transformation that allows my clients to find their inner radiance so quickly and then return to the lives they've created with an expansive mind and heart connection. It's an honor to witness you, celebrate, and support you.

^ My muse <3 ^

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