Wish List

What better way to get excited for our time together than a Gift?

Quite frankly, the greatest gift you can offer me is your vulnerable authenticity. That is more than enough and quite a reason to celebrate. If you feel you have more room to give, after giving your fullest self to our time together.. well, then.. a gift is always welcome and never expected. Life already is such a gift and I'm excited to share in the greatest present of all - each other's presence, with you.

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Gift Cards

Thinking of you

Wanting to give me something but not sure where to start? Have an amount in mind that feels good for you and for me? 

A gift card to one of my favorite restaurants, Amazon, or a hip clothing shop always feels GOOD. From SuperFoods to decorative delights for the house, this will defiintely give you the warm fuzzies for sharing the love. 

Here's a list of places I frequent in LA.

Flower Wine 
What better way to celebrate either together or separately than with handcrafted wines made from real flowers?
This wine is not made from grapes - oh no! - it has the floral essences of magick of flowers, each with a unique quality that transmutes through the flower itself. 

Whether we want to relax with Lavendar
Lively up our lives with some Rose
or feel the joy of a Marigold..
This quality, Michelin rated wine will be the additional treat we've been looking for.
Grab a bottle for us to share alone
and grab an extra for me to share with memories of you!



Nothing says, "I adore you," like Agent Provocateur. As a woman who loves lace and luxury, this delicious gift will surely get me smiling from ear to ear! So much so, I'll definitely need to call you and show you how happy you've made me.

For the man or woman who wants to see me draped in lovely lace.. I'm getting turned on just looking through their catalogue online.. 

Maybe we even go shopping together after quarantine?

$200 - $500

Although I'm quite the s*x-kitten, I do have a motherly nature; simply for plants over children. Ha! 

As a woman who loves nature and thrives in luscious environments, this gift will be sure to thrill me! Once you send a gift card, they'll deliver, so even in quarantine I can receive some new greenery to swoon over. Then, I'll send you some sexy flower-child photos. 

Win - Win.


This organization brings alternative and holistic therapies throughout the Los Angeles areas in order to offer people suffering from anxiety, addiction, and trauma a way to find inner peace and self-love.

As an avid meditator and yoga enthusiast, I've worked hands on with this project and love supporting their growth and mission of helping people everywhere lead happy and wholesome lives. Giving back to others is so fulfilling!!! Let me know when you've gifted these beautiful soul's financial support so I can shout out your praises in my blog. 


A gift is more about the intention behind it than the item itself.

Nordstrom cards are fun because I can buy whatever I desire  -- all for our time together. Send a note on what you might desire to see me in and I can use the HUGE PoshMark platform to make it happen. They have it all!

Or maybe you just want to buy me something new to blog about. I absolutely LOVE fashion and have a blast putting together new looks.

I love everything from sexy, care-free yoga clothes to red bottoms and a slinky dress. It's a blessing to go shopping with you!

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