Let's Connect

Ready to experience more pleasure in your life?

Let's connect on what really matters in life. Let's leave each other a little better than when we found one another.

 Let us create memories and healing.. Let us be present and peaceful and happy and free.
**Once you've reached out and fulfilled the screening process we can set up a consultation call. My experiences are unique - just like me - I prefer we connect and come to clarity around the desired intention and feeling of our time together. It is important that we both feel 100% about the journey we decide to create, that way we will both have lasting memories that create a sense of warmth, peace, and expansion. I am always happy to connect with the right person on their desires, so please extend a kind hello.**

For newbies: $700 an hour.


I prefer we spend some quality time though.. It always leaves the best taste in both our mouths..

Fantasia 48hrs   7.000

​The Perfect Place 24hrs   4.000  

Ceremonial Overnight   3.500 

Delightful & Dangerous 8hrs   3.000 

Just the spot 6hrs   2.500 


Bath of Bliss 4 hrs   2000 
Palace of Play 3hrs   1.800 

Beyond Basic 2hr    1.400 

In-Date Extensions per hr   500 

Travel Time   100 

 Just imagine a whole weekend get away planned where we go for long hikes followed by delicious dinners together. Or perhaps you need private yoga lessons while traveling for work. Whatever your needs on, I'm your go - to muse that will be sure to get your body, mind, and spirit aligned so you can continue living your best life.

You know what you want and you always get what you desire. Now we have ample time to get curious, explore, and truly discover and enjoy the gift of being alive. Especially while you're so busy on those work trips, I'm here to keep your mind focused with yoga and meditation, while relaxing your body with therapeutic massage, plus I remind you to have fun. So many memories can be created whether we are traveling internationally, within the city, or throughout each other's personalities. I require all travel and accommodations are covered by you and 50% upfront deposit. 

Virtual Reality

  • $300 for 60 minutes

Things have seemed to get a little crazy in the world right now. That doesn't mean you can't still enjoy the proper company of a personal muse. Whether we decide to drink tea, study tantra, or learn something new about the kama sutra, our time online will surely leave you feeling inspired and excited.

Your Artistic Inspiration

  • $300

If you desire artistic musings from yours truly, reach out to for a personalized poem, photos, or seductive and electrifying dance online! I love to create and it's my passion to please. I'd love to make something that's special for you, from me, with love. 

Anything is possible..

I mean that. I love exploring and expanding even my own horizons so I am always willing to hear new ideas and possible arrangements for the right person. Simply reach out and we can create whatever our hearts desire! Ask about Doubles sessions, Ritual Magick, or even Exclusivity.  I am passport ready and know that we are both craving travel after that long quarantine.. 

Talk soon,

Your Muse

A few things to know so we can get started

All dates require a deposit to secure our time together. I have many ways to receive it. The Paypal/Venmo link is one. Email me to inquire otherswise.

I travel and LOVE FMTY experiences.

  • OC & San Diego: 2 hour minimum requirement with +$200 travel fee.

  • Evanston: 2 hour minimum requirement with +$200 travel fee.

  • Playa Del Carmen: 2 hour minimum requirement with +$200 travel fee.

  • Anything outside of LA or Chicago and the above cities please email me about Globetrotting together! Willing to negotiate shorter trips for the right people.  Kindly provide transportation and accommodations. I require 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep and in some cases my own space. Dependent on our collaborative intentions, I may need time to check emails and make a few calls. 

Please be prepared for the screening process in order to confirm our plans. ​

For screening purposes please include the following with your enquiry:


  • Full Name

  • Two Recent References (if available) 

  • Work Information (linkedin / website)

  • Private Phone Number

  • Desired adventure and anything else you think I might enjoy knowing about your unique self.

  • Date and Length of session you're inquiring about

I may additionally ask to verify you with a photo of  your ID at my discretion.

If a non-disclosure agreement is desired I'm happy to accommodate your need for discretion.

Deposit & Cancellation Policy

Donations are for my time only, and are not a fee or compensation. Thank you for your generosity. I am deeply grateful for your full presence. 


Yes, I do require a deposit to secure our date, this is to ensure our time together. Deposits start at $100 for hourly dates and can be received in a variety of discreet ways. If for some reason you need to cancel/reschedule our date, you'll have 30 days to do so. I'll hold your deposit and apply it to our rescheduled time.

Cancellation Policies:

In the event you must cancel I ask that you notify me ASAP. Please understand I have set time aside for us and that time is precious. If you need to cancel please make up for it by sending a gift to show you desire to continue working together :) I honor you and trust your integrity here.

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