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Missing Ya'll!

Beautiful Ones!! I haven't been incredibly active on here because I've been diligently and delightfully creating my life in tandem to this magic here. I've recently released new music (album is coming out for my birthday!) Started a non-profit to educate around the sacredness of connection, sexuality, and consent..

Working with many mentees and mentors

Writing Poetry

Dreaming up Music Videos

and am about to relocate! But OH! How I have missed you and sharing my experiences, fantasies, and creativity on here..

I'm so curious how you are doing with the transition into autumn? And how I might best serve you! I'm so excited for what is to come in life, as I feel more aligned, full of more faith and trust, and definitely the healthiest and most inspired I've ever been. I am looking forward to hearing from you and truly wanting to reconnect soon so reach out with the adventures you are most excited to share with me! Let's create memories :) All the best,

Your Muse

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