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Filled with Love


My heart is so overflowing that tears stream down my face. My heart is filled with gratitude. Immense Gratitude

for getting to be in celebration and service

after one of the most incredibly soulful and nourishing sessions with one my most beloved clients. Plus, we invited one of my dearest priestess sisters to join us! So the usual sensuous nature of the session turned into one of absolute

milk and honey! Shamanic,


Holy. I am consistently reminded the importance of these spaces through each of your amazing reflections. THANK YOU for coming to be in my temple, for bringing your full selves here to find reprieve, and for giving me and my beloved sisters an opportunity to share our art of connection with you. Today's ceremony started with an oracle deck and cacao. As we sat in meditation, we each enveloped ourselves in the energy of "YES.. and"

saying yes to all life has presented us AND where we are headed.. deeply immersed in the mystery, trusting our emotions and internal compass to clearly guide the way. The session then turned into a delightful disrobing ritual, upon which we did a full abyangha - decadent amounts of oil massaged all over the client while my sister*friend played guitar and sang songs to our sweet man's soul. Then, we each massaged him (yes! 4 hands and so much love flowing through) until we blessed him with honey and cocooned him to meditate. All the while, the bath was drawn with luxurious milk, salts, and bubbles. Once he was done meditating, we presented the bath to him to cleanse himself and be immersed in stories of the past and future dreams. What a prayer. What an honor!

This path is so reverent. SO pure. So playful. Thank you for being with me. Thank you for giving so much to me through seeing me, investing in yourself through my gifts, and for sharing your self with the world once you are fulfilled and over flowing with more vitality. So much is yet to come~ Yes! and more please :)

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