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More Muse Adventures..

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

My goodness, beloveds. What a beautiful and strange trip life is. With the pandemic finally subsiding

and people returning to smiling

at each other as they walk down the street

I can feel the pulse of community


As I was biking through LA one day I recognized how much


there truly is

in the places we go

and the people we see

If only we are open to witnessing

true beauty.

Ya know,

they say whatever you look for in life

is exactly what you become.

So I choose to stay on the sunny side of life

looking for what's going right

and what to be grateful for.

S-l-o-w-i-n-g down to warmly wave at

and joyfully talk with people

as I make my way around towns and cities

I'm simply fascinated by the stories of the people I meet.

We are all so individual and unique. As lovely as LA is this time of year. I'm actually back in Chicago to complete a burlesque training

I've been enjoying all year.

The culmination of this class is

bittersweet to say the least. As much fun as it was - I'm still jonesing for more chances to shake a tail feather!

More stages! More pasties.. More gemstones to bedazzle costumes

and sensual days of pole dancing to new music.

Life is an adventure.

I made my way through LA this evening

to Land back Home in Chicago

and the adventure has just begun..

Tomorrow is the show!

And who knows where to next!? Asheville again? Nashville? Perhaps you've got a special adventure you've always wanted to go on..

surely you need a muse

to experience that magic with :) I'm here for you. As for this evening, I'm sleepy and excited to check into my delicious downtown hotel. Your tiny dancer,


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