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Mayan Adventures with the Most Amazing Man.

Well, Life has done it again. I wept this afternoon

on a paddle board

drifting through the ocean.

King Triton (my nickname for this delicious human)

had already left for work..

and so I embraced the beauty of Mexico alone

and with a few girlfriends..

so as my last day came to a close

I couldn't help but cry.

joy, sadness, excitement - all of these feelings just welling up inside of me

because of our truly heavenly time.

I am a woman after all..

and such breath-taking moments of

receiving, giving, and exploring delight

well.. it's felt when they're over.

I went to the Ocean to Pray

I left a crystal

an obsidian wand

and a few other offerings

to thank the land for how much magic I had experienced

with him.

He and I had known each other for a while..

and my oh my was the wait worth it!

I feel so nourished: Mind, body, and spirit.

So celebrated and seen.

So radiantly alive and Femininely


What a brilliant way to spend the week

Galavanting on private beaches

stealing pleasurable moments in hidden cenotes.

Dancing on boats. He provided for me

Like a King. I feel compelled to worship this man Men~ That's the key. Provide, protect

Be Fully Present with us Women

and then we desire to submit and be lead

to serve and devote ourselves..

Wow. I've been wow'd in a way I couldn't have imagined..

Life is always meeting us where we are

offering magic if only we are open enough to say yes.

The magic has only just begun..

but I feel it pulsating in my sacred spots

Yearning for more

Allowing my sacred femininity

to feel it all! The joyous rapture

the sadness at a closed Mayan Chapter..

and the curiosity of

what's in store.

Thank the Mayan Gods

The Ocean Gods

King Triton..

Thank the world for such a wonderful time. FMTY anytime.. <3



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