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Inspiration at the edge of the Ocean..

I love when people invite me to make something beautiful for them. I've had requests for videos, poems, and art..

here's a poem I wrote at the edge of the ocean in Gozo after a long day with my peers from the ISTA training. My friend gave me the 3 words: Mattress, wine glass, ecstasy and from there I went wild.. What do you think?

The rain poured down outside the

window pain

A cadence of pitter patter

Soothing my mind

My mind

She simply won’t stop replaying

Our romantic rendezvous

As my body reminisces about you

The energy of Ecstasy and

Wine glasses scattered around our hotel room

Half full of sparkling water and fruit


Like the space between our eyes

When we gaze into each other presently

drunk on love


You touching me

Me touching you

Touching each other’s bodies, yes

But touching each other’s souls even deeper

I see you

Seeing me

Seeing the world and light in our eyes hidden even behind your pains of the past

Presence heals all things instantly

Whispers of moments and smoke like memories

Seem to dance on the mattress

Where we seemed to bless each other

For infinity

Infinity lives on

As I breathe into our memories

Empty hotels

And disheveled white sheets

Delightfully reminding me

Of all life’s pleasure filled activities



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