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Delightful in Denver

Where to begin?


Two humans alive

Signed up for something


Something to carry them

To new heights

especially necessary through

the challenging times

Mountains cascading around


Driving to see you

Through some of the worlds most beautiful


Crackling brooks

Scenic trees

Be careful of falling rocks

Tension in my shoulders

Only your hands

could put me at ease

The anticipation was wild

The journey a treat

The connection was fire!

Your heart is so sweet

Magnificent beauty

And nerves of the unknown

alchemy became our fuel to be

Together and at home

Fear of arrival..

Who‘s this?

What's about to unfold?

But once we are together

The evening was filled with grace

Continued magic

Stories untold

Awakening faster

Two souls journey

Into new places..

That’s bold

You gifted me a moment

To dance and be seen

To play in the realms of fashion,



releasing my minx

Candlelit walls

Tubs fit for a King

Massages and mischief

Even some gambling.

Up and down

I tried to leave but I can’t

The energy of exploration

The buzz of this resort

Your precious smile

And kindness

Kept calling me back.

Photos and new friends


You gave me something so special

Belief in a dream

Manifested together

Two souls

So aligned

Growing through challenge

Growing with grace

Being seen, celebrated,


How Divine.

Tackle me on the big bed

Turn the bubbles up a degree

The sauna is spicy

A room fit for a Queen

Back and forth

New shoes

To stay all the while

Holding my hand

Walking me


Down the escalator's aisle.

Magical numbers

Double 21's and 3’s

I rolled the dice

And you showed me

what Black Jacks means.



Growth and connection

My prayer is that

This is just

Our adventures

First segment

Gratitude pouring for all that you are

For your hurts

For your pain

For your sacred foots' scars

Bathing away that which does not serve

We invite in the sweetness of life

That you surely


To the amazing man, the true hero of Denver, who risks his life to save others with his everyday job.. Thank you for gifting me quite the adventure. It was hard to leave! You are an inspiration to me, to men, and to your community. I'm so excited for our next adventure. Thank you for the gift of our time together.

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