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Consciousness and Creation

An Ode to The Masculine & Feminine..

Consciousness and Creation come together to form

Boundless Love

In each moment

Are you listening?

For the union of Shiva and Shakti

Their infinite forms

Dancing together

Manifesting worlds

And visions


Beyond your wildest dreams? Union.

Beyond space and time there’s a place where

True Love resides

In the heart -

That Timeless Presence

That passionate place

Of ebb and flow

Beat beat beating

For you

For your love


For all of the people you’ve ever LOVED For your Twin

For your soulmate

For your vision and dream.

When two become one

One is actually three

The masculine

And Feminine

And Togetherness

The essence of what you create together

Three new entities

Free to walk and play and laugh

To make decisions for themselves

To check in

To check out

It’s all happening.

Ownership isn’t a part of it.

Take my hand because I love you

Love started it.

And we’re guiding it

The visions of ecstasy and playful glee

We’re driving it.

Two separate soul’s coming together

For an untold amount of time

To Dance and Deep Dive into what True Love means.

Love owns her experience

Love owns his triggers

Love owns her faults and her fears

Love owns their passions, their pleasures, their desires

You are not the cause of my trials or tribulations Love seeks not to find solace in you but to use you as a mirror to know when Love can grow

And find peace within Loves self

Granted your loving arms help.

Love just wants us to gaze into each other’s eyes for a moment


It’s been years

The miracle of life has lead us to each other

And we’re meeting here

Moment after moment continuing to choose us

Until maybe we don’t

But until then:

We’ve got this.

Joy has us rocking it.

I come before you in

DIvine Masculinity

Divine Femininity

To see what wants to birth from our

Trinity! Oh, look at the gift that True Love has given me


To love with palms open

In DEVOTION To the highest aspect of self in each moment.

I hope for this

For all

For you

Stand tall and know what is possible

To lead from a heart and palm open

To not fear or grasp at ownerships but more consciously


We’ve chosen each other and it’s open.

Without a hidden agenda

How much love have you to cultivate to truly trust

What gods written

For you?

Consciousness and Creativity

Come together in Divine Trinity

To explore how to love infinitely

And maybe not for infinity

But the Love will ripple out to infinity

As the lovers dance and send waves of healing

To all humanity

True Love

Loves Freely.

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