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a whole mood

She’s made for the magic

She’s been through darkness

And born of Atlantis

Majestic mystery

Of rubys and gold

Her heart is the keeper

Of ancient wisdom

So bold

She’s expressive

And sexy

Clever and kind

Her presence is palpable

She’ll always be the one

Lingering in your mind

Authentic and earnest

Light so bright leaves you blind

A slutty soiree

Of pleasure, purity and play

Innocence exists

Within her passionate kiss

poetry and possibility

In the way her hips dip

Delicate as rose petals

And sharp as their thorns

Every cell of her being

Ignites your soul to soar

She’s classic


She’s quirky and wild

She’s bubbly, bodacious

Laughs as loud as a child

An embodied empress

Barefeet kissing the earth

Her gaze is magnificent

Reminding you

Your power and worth

Her tongue is a paintbrush

Each word a spell

Her canvas all of creation

stories of heaven she tells

Her bodies a temple

And was once a war

But now she is centered

And only loves all the more

SHE is the embodiment

Of full powered femme

The alpha omega

Beginning and end

Happy new year, my favorite men! I hope to write poetry, play, and adventure with you very soon.


your favorite muse

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