Meet your Muse 

Global Speaker + Sensual Enthusiast + Spiritual Coach
A real woman with a really big mission to enjoy every juicy moment of life

and celebrate with you while she's at it.


Get to Know Miss Monroe

Tantrika.  Muse.  Poet.  Yogini.  Adventure Companion.

Your pleasure, my pleasure.. Pleasure in general has been my passion for quite some time. My pleasure is your pleasure, and I enjoy both receiving and giving in spectacular ways.


Slow Down, Take a Deep Breath.. and let's get together to enjoy chemistry like you've always dreamed (and knew!) was possible.


 Life is made up of so many magical moments - that when strung together create a testament for your legacy. That's why it is important to spend each moment as pleasurably as possible, laughing and enjoying every tasty drop. 

Sensual and Sweet.. My time with Audrey is fun, relaxing and erotic and whenever a session ends I start looking forward to the next one. I've seen this gorgeous woman for years, and it's always exciting.

Hermosa Hunk

Our time together has been so helpful in staying curious about myself rather than get lost in my thoughts. I'm so much kinder to myself! and I'm so grateful for you.

Super Mom

From the initial first hello to the inevitable eventual goodbye, Audrey was the perfect blend of genuine, beautiful, sensual and positive energy and presence. I highly recommend spending an afternoon with this woman.

Theatre Buff

"Imperfection is Beauty, Madness is Genius, and it's better to be absolutely Ridiculous than absolutely Boring."

Marilyn Monroe


Ladies and Gentleman, are you ready to explore, adventure, and play!? Come celebrate freedom and get to know yourself through our time together. Memories await and life is beckoning us to..  enjoy.


I'm excited to hear from you. Please remember to thoroughly read the Etiquette and Rates pages so you can include all the necessary information I require. That way we can get right to spending time together.

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