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Tulum Retreat Ideas!

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

My Loves -- I had a couple reach out for an idea of what a full retreat would be like.. so here is what I cooked up! If you have a partner, bring her along.

If not:

choose me ;) I'm happy to stand in as the Divine Feminine for you.

The things that are bold and italicized are the things I offer and instruct/share through experience.

This retreat is a deep dive into intimacy, authenticity, and true connection that will lead to better connections to all people in your life!


Thursday Arrival to your Airbnb / Resort

- Opening Candle Lit Ceremony

Discuss Fears, Desires, Boundaries and set intentions

- Grounding Yoga Practice and Breathwork


Light Yoga


-Belly to Belly Breathing - proven technique to harmonize your central nervous system creating safety and trust automatically while regulating stress levels

-Shiva Shakti Dance - a journey through movement into the feminine and masculine polarities



Light Dinner

Evening Ritual:

2 hours

-Foot Washing Ceremony to honor the journeys you've both seen/ share hardships/ pains/ celebrations

-God/Goddess Worship, an opportunity to share your body (clothed or unclothed) to be honored as the divine vessel of light and love it is



Light Yoga/Breathwork


60 minutes

-Authentic Relating is a way to communicate within the present moment, offering deep intimacy and connection while also supporting two people moving through conflict. We will connect on the philosophy and do some of the practices in order to strengthen your connection in all ways - in and out of the bedroom.


2 hours

-Eye Gazing

-Microcosmic Orbit - connect to the subtle energy field of your body through the breath and one another

-YabYUM - an intimate experience of sharing sensual energy and creating more of an electric charge in your life


Evening Ritual

3 hours

-Tantra Massage

For male and female body

-Yoni and Lingham Adoration Puja - how can you really show your partner's body all the juicy love they deserve


Breakfast in Bed

30 minutes -In the Beauty of these Eyes I see.. A puja of perfection - celebrating the beauty in one another.


60 minutes-Puja of Presence - whatever arises, emotionally, physically, spiritually.. practice loving that

A sacred space created for forgiveness, healing, growth, and love

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