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Tantra - A Path of Non-Duality

Living a Tantric life is more than simply being sexual and free. It is a path that says YES to every single thing. A path that recognizes there's no "good" or "bad," simply experiences that are all necessary in order to truly understand the purpose of being alive. The tantric path recognizes that both our sexual, or primal-human nature, is just as Godly as our intelligence, love, and service to the world. This path is welcome to anyone, regardless of their beliefs, because it is a Universal path that allows you to have your own beliefs and still learn and grow more connected to the life-force that already exists within you.

Here's a story of the difference between religion and Tantra.

Growing up I remember being baptized twice. Once as a young child and again, once I was old enough to make the choice to be recognized by my community as having chosen to be a part of the Baptist Church I grew up in.

Fast forward and I now live a completely contrary life. I see now where there was a lot of hypocrisy in the church and recognize that although religion serves hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions, of people -- It is not the way for me. I was taught to never enjoy my body, I was taught I was separate from God.. I was not informed of how powerful I was to change the world. I believe we are all connected to an energy larger than ourselves and that it is through our every day life that we see that connection, if our eyes are open. That the way we treat ourselves and each other, the planet, is all connected to how much we are living for Love or not.

That being said, I need no pastor to dictate and teach me, especially when such pastor is cheating on his wife with the church secretary. Oh, irony.

So, why Tantra? Because we are soul's having a human experience. We come to the Divine - we come from Source - and we are here, materialized into bodies - to understand creation, procreation, love, kindness, anxiety, and fear. All of our human experience is a part of the journey to remember that spirit and body are ONE and that S*X is a necessary part of the process of remembering our God-Like Power. (where as in church, sex is a sin.. why even have sins? Just be kind to yourself and that kindness will spread to every single thing you do!) Did you ever learn that in Church? Yes, the church talks about each of us having Christ-Consciousness in our hearts -- and I'll take that one step further. WE are all GODs and GODDESSES here to create our lives, our worlds, our families, our passions into reality.

So what is it that you'd like to create? S*xual energy is necessary to create children, yes, and also vital-life-force energy is also necessary to manifest your desired life. It's the same oomph! And how can you use the Tantric Path to support that creation? Well, by allowing all of your desires to be worthy of your attention -- and! By using the tantric practices to build your energy (or life-force) so that you can easily, gracefully, and whole-heartedly create what you desire - lest the shame and fear.

What a beautiful thing. Non-Duality. Rather than "this is good, you are worthy, this is right.." which automatically creates "wrong, bad, and unworthy." Life becomes one big epic, heck yes! where you are gifted the opportunity to create, explore, make mistakes, laugh, and follow your bliss.. you remember you are a child of the Universe with just as much power as the SUN itself.. and that is something to celebrate. You remember that your pleasure is just as important and holy as having good values. So if you're ready to discover new tools to access even more of your confidence and power - reach out to organize an Immersion or enjoy a day of rich conversation at the museum, followed by Tantric Ritual in the evening. I promise you will leave feeling more connected to your joy.

Love, Audrey

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