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Perspective Shifts: A Ceremonial Ritual of Tantric Playfulness

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Wow. Asheville was nothing short of a fantastic fairytale. Dripping in authenticity and perfection, I honestly didn't want to leave. Life just keeps getting better and better.

"As within so without" is a commonly spoken spiritual mantra. This mantra reminds you that your inner landscape (aka the thoughts, feelings, and believes you invest in) makes up the world you perceive around you. Is your mind looking for problems? Worrying about work? Well, your supercomputer of a mind will find exactly those things. If, on the other hand, you are basking in gratitude, thinking thoughts that are uplifting and feel good.. well, you'll start to see a lot more uplifting-feel-good things in your field. What a treat we get to create our realities through tuning in to different personal realities.

Having arrived with a dual intention of spending time with my soul sister and meeting amazing new friends.. I fulfilled both in ways I honestly hadn't even imagined yet. I feel loved, appreciated, met, and seen.

Sometimes life hears our dreams and intentions and grants us even better experiences than we could have invented on our own. Life affirming experiences, people, and moments that are so perfectly timed to send you on a quantum rollercoaster ride into higher states of consciousness. It's divine.

That's the power of true collaboration. With the Universe.. and you and I.

No two moments can ever be the same when you're with someone new. Each experience of coming together is an alchemical equation of two hearts beating with their own desires. It's when those hearts can safely share their desires, their needs, their dreams, and their yearnings openly that magic manifests. I'd like to think that's my speciality. True Intimacy.

When two people decide to come together with open hearts, clearly communicating their highest excitement while also honoring one another's boundaries -- anything is possible.

That in itself - the ability to ask without expectation - inspires even more of a desire to fulfill all needs and dreams! Are you following me? Mhmm! I love to give to someone who is just so radically themselves! So heart centered and open, excited and free. I'm getting nostalgic as I type this from my sweet little loft in Mexico..

Anyways, I notice myself feeling vulnerable

because the poem I've written and the journey I've recently gone on was

so rich






and divine..

That the realness of this particular soul experience has left my heart even bigger than it was before. Cracked open and in awe at the beautiful people in this world.

I'm so grateful to get to meet the magical, courageous, inspiring people that come across my path. Your journeys, your triumphs and tribulations.. your hero and shero (she-hero) stories inspire me to be the best muse possible. I hope you know this and that the people in your lives celebrate as great as I do.

Thank you for being my personal muse.. when I know that I am yours as well. I suppose the reciprocity of it all makes the whole thing even more special. Like a treasure chest, this corner of the internet is a sacred space for me to remember all the precious moments that have given me faith in the evolution of the human heart. The moments that have cracked me open and into fits of giggles or even tears at the sheer beauty of life, of life, of connection and intimacy.

We are blessed.

So. I bring to you a very special poem. Take a deep breath, give yourself some time to enjoy my words like honey.. and keep coming back! My intention is to start turning my lovely poems for you into videos so that my sultry voice can lull you into states of erotic innocence and soulful satiation. A way to relieve the experience again and again.. until we create another one. ;)

Mhmmm... Here we go.

BitterSweet New Beginnings


I was taught that if it isn’t a full Fuck Yes. it’s a Fuck No.

Well, bless the wisdom keepers who shared that information

because when followed it

will truly guide you

to the places where

True Love can grow..

At least that’s what it did for Us.

Passing a Test given to you by the

Infinite Field of Potentiality

is not for the weak of heart

True Spirit Warriors know

that to let something of mediocrity go

something Better this way will always Come

If only you can Trust.


That word excites my whole body

and I’m grateful for the energy I felt through the words of

your writings..

Else I would have already been headed home..

Alas, our words colliding was


for two Kindred-Spirits to share in Precious Moments

that feel like heartfelt home.

Full Spectrum of Emotionality..


From beginnings of elation and inspiration

to anxious moments of anticipation and growth..

Who would have known the bittersweetness of it all? I’m so grateful we heard the Call of our Souls.

Not everyone will get a poem..

However, when you find someone

so Aligned and in Rhythm with your Divine TimeLine

you Simply must let go of the Ego and say


to the journey of 1000 breaths

a microcosmic orbit of bliss

that integrates the physical and spiritual

so that true bliss can emit

from every cell of your being-ness. I know.. When Bitterness and Pandemics sweep through your home

Life feels like a bunch of Red Lights, Yellow Lights

You have to trust in the knowing that it’s all a wheel of delights

and that what goes up must come down

and when you’re down..

Well, give yourself permission

to find someone to hold.

and to trust.

Someone to offer your heart a reminder

of it’s golden glow..

honey adventures on my hips

and lips..

your beautiful body pressed against my warm and tanned skin.

True Bliss -

What if Love just IS?

What if a label isn’t necessary when presence permeates the space between

two Awake Humans?

When we are in need and open the Universe is listening to the quiet whisper of our prayers

and when our eyes are clear enough to receive,

the prayer is always answered in ways you can hardly believe.

Better than your Expectations.

Vulnerability always is.

What a trip beyond the physical realm

Into Transcendental Spaces of Stoic Wisdom

and Heavens Sent Elation...

I just can’t stop thinking about our First Kiss.

Where the ember of passion began between my legs

right at the beginning of my Entrance..

All the kisses in-between that fanned the flame of fire

that slowly rose

like Kundalini Snakes

up and around throughout my hips

What a Life we get to experience. Thank you for being available..

To Truly Live.

Oh, Aquarian King

My Kindred-Spirit

Mandalorian Magician! Thank you for letting me bathe you in Oat Milk

as the Foundry WaterFall Drips between our hugging bodies

The Rapture of Our InterConnectedness as we discuss

the Oneness of All Beings

is euphoric in ways that only

One can Experience

when absolutely ready.

Spontaneity is a Muse of its own-

That we have discovered.

From nothing we created everything-

Dinner reservations falling short

only means that Dancing in the Street is made Possible.

All the FireSide Seats are Taken..

Except for You —


Come and be closer to me

Kiss me through my Masked Face

as we celebrate the Revolution

Dancing in the streets

to the YMCA

Celebrating the new face of America

and our first female vice president Kamala Harris


I let myself cry

at the Potency of your Kind Heart.

The words and wisdom you shared

will stay imprinted in a special part of my mind

A nest for you in my heart has been created

Just as I nested into our sweet hotel home

as you sipped Champagne,

Eyes Covered

waiting for me to reveal

a temple space set for two

Me and You.

Bitterness will come.

It’s a part of life that cracks open your heart

to grow.

But Bitterness without a place to find reprieve

((like my loving touch))

is no way to live.

Our Ceremony

Like Life

Puts all things out on the Table

You share your frustrations and shortcomings

I’ll show you mine..

and from there we will search for the

Sacred Silver Lining..

and From there let us Celebrate True Sweetness in Life

as a meditative exercise in Unity Souls

Combining.. Passionately. Playfully.

Full of Laughter and Memories.

Thank you for Providing me with an opportunity to

Show You

What is Possible..

For you Deserve

All the things on your Bucket List

and that Vision you focus on every day? I know it will fucking manifest.

As for the rest.. I’ll leave that to your imaginations

Simply know the scene is set as thus:

Rose Petals Grace each table Top

The TV is covered as to not distract us

from the earthly temples that lie in the bed

covered in linens

cascading mountains of flesh

draped over one another

in Pretzel like Forms

Perspective is such a brilliant thing

as two creative entrepreneurs

let their bodies and soul’s sing


That life is meant to be Felt Fully

So go out there

And Fully Live.

Yours, Musey

Life is all about perspective..

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