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Perpetual Perspiration

Life is a series of events

Some fortunate

Some unfortunate

But who’s to really say?

The darkness always seems to show you

That there’s a lighter way

So when I got the notion

To meet up with a new friend

I recognized that something special

Was creating this magnetism

Eclectic is a word I love so very much

Genius - wild-haired and full of sacred wisdom

Our coming together was an experience


Excessive moments of expression

Poetic and full of story telling

Never did I think

In ever a time or place

I’d find someone that I could cry on their shoulder

And then want to eat their face!

Our moments together were organic and true

It goes to show what’s possible

When you let life move through you

The coming together of our two souls

Does seem so delightfully expressed

Having similar backgrounds of depleting childhoods

Had us both feeling connected

And I was surely empathetic

And so as we did understand

That each of us was unique

We also got to start to see

Some brilliant new perspectives

Moments of ice cream and dancing in the streets

Rollerblading hotties

and shopping for new T's

Stories of past relationships

Our fantasies and dreams

Safety apparently comes in strange and interesting packages

Warm hearts

Hot hotel rooms

Hotter outdoor spaces!

Hearts expanded

Moments cherished

And funny looking faces


Oh so much of it!

In deliciously public places

Shopping malls

And tailors

For shorts that show your muscly legs and..

massages and kosher sausages

to ensure that you feel rejuvenated..

You always get what you pray for

it comes in magical ways.

you just gotta believe.

Ya know,

I have a thesis about connection

and it's the more vulnerable and open you are

the more nourishing the intimacy is. I'm simply elated.

Curious at what the next few moments

of connection will bring us

as two very different humans

have come together to learn from one another

and see what special experiences

can manifest


opposites attracting

in order to experience


Mutual appreciation

deeply cherished moments

of past relationships

and future dreams

Mars and Venus collide

as the sun rays beam

scorching heat

reigns supreme

but the feeling between us

is like refreshing like a breeze. So easy.

Thanks for being someone new

I can look forward to.

Someone safe to confide in

Someone to celebrate and hold accountable

I feel freer and more well rounded

when I'm with you.

Xx, Muse

^Botanical Gardens are my absolute favorite! If you're ever curious how to make your way into my heart.. it's gardens. ;) I want to see the botanical gardens all around the world! Hopefully..

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