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Pandemic Poetry

As a Muse, it is my absolute mission to inspire every single person I come into contact with. From the homeless man in Venice

To the CEO and Celebrity that reaches out to work together.

From my blood sisters when they need help with childcare

To my Soul Sisters when they want a friend to go on a hike with.

Inspiration is a quality that both lives within you and is gifted to others through you.

So when Pandemic hit

and a lot of life was changed

I noticed myself frustrated



How would I walk down the street smelling flowers

and inspiring passerby's with a big smile

giggling with kids in carraiges

and making friends with the local pups and their owners? Life is complicated

so I try to my best to keep it simple

and sexy, of course.

Pandemic Poetry was a way that I got through

some of the more challenging days

writing a Poem

to the Ocean

To clients

To friends

in order to make the days more amusing.

Art has a way of gifting your mind

with a special kind of freedom,

like the way softly gazing into the infinity

of the bright blue sky does..

Pandemic Poetry started off rather gloomy

Satire invented to lament the days of dance parties

and international travel

and since has turned into

inspiring musings

filled with new stories of adventures in natures

new ways of giving yoga classes online

and little whispers of sweet nothings for the bold clients I'm so blessed

to still get to see

(even if it is online)

Rather than take the Pandemic so Poorly,

I notice a new opportunity to rise

and use this time wisely

to soar into the self

Find Peace

and pleasure

Through the s-l-o-w-i-n-g down process

of society.

Pandemic Poetry

A way to lounge in lingerie

while reading up on herbalism

and making sure that the cookies

don't burn in the oven

What a new way to live life.

With more space between stimulus and reaction

and more time to dream

into the infinite possibilities.

Tell me then,

what is it you desire?

What do you dream about? How can you use this time wisely..

To create what feels good in your heart.

Perhaps that might mean

coming in to see me

and getting messy

while we make art.

In silliness,



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