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Opulence is Within

Salt Lake City

Oh how I never in a million years imagined I'd be in this quaint part of the country

and yet I'd had a few day dreams about visiting as I have a gf in the area. Upon my arrival, I was whisked away by the most amazing genius A genius with a heart of gold. We had such a delicious connection

even as he left

I had to stay behind

soaking in the sun and letting myself integrate

I had just left visiting family and always appreciate some time alone

to write

to read

to imagine what's next

to let life lead me.

As I was getting in my last little bits of sweetness from SLC

(although please do invite me back)

I ended up at the Grand Hotel

and what an opulent place it is!

After my massage I spent the day reading by the pool

making new friends

journaling about where I'm ready to expand

what sort of lifestyle I desire to have

where I want to spend my money

to what organizations will I invest in

and as I paroozed back to my hotel

fully thinking a vegan dinner at the park was in order

I simply couldn't get over

the glorious chandeliers

and the string trio in the restaurant

so I stayed.

I let the music sway me

as I relaxed on the couch

silk shirts slouching down my shoulders

hair curled

sweet day dreams whispering

to my mind

gratitude oozing from my heart..

I sat and let myself be lulled

into cover music

and blue base instruments

a standing cello

and the muse

ecstatic and about to eat some vegan food.

What a life. When you choose to say YES to having it your way

you're met.

It's about knowing your truth

your hearts desires

and listening to them

even when the fear or voices within say

" no no no this is not for you.. "

but it is. You can have it all. You simply have to lean in to the nerves and smile

as you let yourself be romanced into the life of your dreams.

With a wedding outside

the music inside

a temple tower out the window..

and my heart feeling so full

the men playing oldies and goodies

new music that made me giggle

coming from a string trio..

I could feel the integration of opulence

not that came from the outside

but of a new found opulence inside

a new appreciate of beauty

that radiates from choosing your hearts desires

over and over

until they're real. That's what I want for you.

That you can become the architect of your own life

and live fully alive.

Opulence is a gift

begin to see it

use the words

feel it

and live it.

Let yourself be an example of what is possible

be grateful

and shine

so that all darkness in your mind

is transmuted into light.

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