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Learning Together

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

There's so much magic that happens between two people when there are is curiosity and an open mind. When anything can happen - any conversation is possible - that's when you truly get to know who someone is and what they're passionate about. Which.. hello - passion is the name of the game! It's the reason we are alive.. so it's my favourite topic.

After meeting my delightful new friend today, whom I'll call - Theatre Buff - I am sitting, listening to jazz, just glowing from ear to ear at how blessed I am to contribute to the lives of such amazing people! Plus our time together was incredible.

"So glad to have shared some time with you. You are exquisite inside and out." (Thanks, love.)

Of course, we had spoken prior to meeting, but to see a photo of someone, and then to see them smiling, walking into your warm hug all relaxed.. that is a whole different story. Upon meeting my new Theatre Buff, I was incredibly impressed with how multi-faceted he is.. and how much I just wanted to melt in his kind arms. We had such a glorious time giggling together, practicing tantra, and connecting with each other in delightful ways. Those are my favourite things to teach: authenticity and tantra. Deep connection, meditative magic.. these things are my specialty. But when Theatre Buff started opening up about his world - how he loves acting, all his favourite movies, and the different methods of acting stars use - I was amazed. Oh how his eyes lit up and how much fun was it to reminisce about our favorite movies and Broadway show performances. We are both excited for when we can continue to go back out in to the world for some Broadway. (hint, hint guys.. I love theatre adventures!)

I absolutely love getting to know the passions of the incredible people who walk through my door. Each person is their own journey, their own story, and has so much to teach me. It's nice to be able to learn and enjoy each other in such reciprocal ways.

What have you been learning with the people you spend time with? As for me, I have homework to watch a new movie tonight, so I'm going to curl up and enjoy.


Audrey Monroe

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