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Maltese Musings..

In Mexico I got a tattoo of the moon, representing the Venusian feminine, as a way to always embrace my sensuality.

Here in Malta I got a tattoo of the word “Bassé,” which is a tribal word meaning “This is truth.”

This is truth. For me, my body is true, my desires are true, my heart is true. My love is true! Truth is the divine remembering that you are sacred, delicious, and free.

Capable of anything, you must reach for people and places that remind you of your truth. Embrace your personal truth. Not your mistakes or past hardships or the fluctuations of the stock market.

The truth. You are abundant and powerful, confident, handsome, and here for a purpose.

And my intention is to continue helping you remember that through our time together.

The truth. The truth is that society isn’t built to remember peace and ease often.

So we search for it alcohol or church.

We search for it with our job.

What if we found it in each other?

My latest training was at a temple arts school here in Malta that amplified my feminine sensuality in powerful ways. I feel connected to my full bodied yes, deeply embracing my desires as holy, and excited to share the new techniques I've learned through deep connection and organic intimacy. Intimacy is medicine. Authenticity is divine.

I’m excited to come home and share that with you.

The Truth is..

You deserve time and space to clear your head and get energized to go into the world and give all that you do. The further you can get from the mundane of life, the richer it will be when you return with clear eyes and a rejuvenated body and spirit.

I’m pre-booking sessions and weekend get always for July and August.

If you’d like to taste a bit of tasty truth.. let’s create a special evening or two to drop into tantric bliss.

Until then,

Enjoy some photos from the trip!

With love,

Your muse Audrey

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