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La Luna Deliciosa

As many of you have noticed, I've taken a bit of a Muse Adventure down to Tulum. I felt it was time to brush up on my Spanish (which, I don't really speak.. yet) and take dance classes. Since the rest of the world is closed - the only dance studio I could find that was open is in Mexico. So here we are. I want you to come visit. I want to come visit you! Either way, know that I am ecstatic and in good spirits when my heart is full of sunshine and dance.. so our time together will be better than ever.

So on this glorious Moonday (Monday).. I was sitting on the lovely beaches of Tulum..

Thinking about all of you. Those that I've met

Those that I will meet

And those that will only ever know me through their computer screens. I have a special place in my heart for all of you..

I love co-creating, exploring, learning, and growing

with each and every one of you. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world

at the opportunity to be a part of your journeys.

It's Muse Magic.. For both of us.

So here's a poem I wrote today:

Travel has a way of softening you.

As I move through a new city

much less.. hmm... what's the word


than LA

I am gifted a humility so deep

an opportunity to see the beauty in the messiness of life

As I walk the streets of Downtown Tulum

the trash

the taxi's (so many!)

the palm trees

the semi's

people walking and biking

only moderately dangerous

and definitely electrifying..

It's a wild way of life

Some places have sidewalks

Some don't.

Some people smile and help you find directions

Some don't. Like Bali - it's a place of multi-cultures and

multi-facets of beauty.

Plus, my goodness! The beach. Oh to the resorts of Tulum and the magic that is there.. Today I walked up and down the beaches from my resort

and found

such wild architecture

and on the other side

such virgin jungle beauty.

White sands squished between my

azul colored toe nails

salty waves lapping at my feet

the sun kissed my skin

as the stretch of my bathing suit

made sure I was protected in

only the right places


The sky, so bright and full of infinite possibility

gave me space to take extra deep breaths

as I settled into the sweetness of another moment

Another miracle.

I sat, daydreaming

whispering kind words to clouds

that then opened up in cooling rains far away

a Rainbow appeared

very subtly, so much so that I had to truly pinch myself

making sure it was real

it was..

and her message was

to remind me that each day is a true Blessing..

I got lost in that Rainbow

Until I noticed even more was being born

on the other side of the clouds

As the Rainbow grew so did my excitement for Life

For Freedom

For Love..

My smile widened as large as the ocean

and I felt the hummingbird wings of my heart beat faster.


It's who I am

and it's who you are.

Why don't we remember again..


As the sun and his fiery love

took leave (oh please don't go, you know I feel better

with your loving touch around!)

the whole sky's emotion shifted

from bright blues

to soft pinks and purples

a truly decadent moment

where the moons radiance had an opportunity

to put on her best show.

She's quite the flirt.

Oh delicious moon

you captivate me!

Once more skipping through white sands

I find myself on fallen trees basking in the spray

of the ocean, pelicans flying into the ocean

laughing with my head tipped back

as though I'm drinking in every single drop

of moon juice.

Once I returned to my home

the whole sky was dark

as the stars came out

First one - for me, my wish only! "A gift from the heaven's for being a kind heart"

I whispered to myself

So I sang that star a song

and along came all her friends.

So many stars sprinkled up into the majesty of the

dark night sky I can't help but make a wish for each of the people I love

on each and every one. Oh what a perfect life.

Again, time loses it's grip on me

as I'm beckoned into eternity

simply sitting on the beach

Letting myself

be truly


Come and visit soon.. Tulum and I are waiting for you.

xx, Audrey

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