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It's Natural to Be Sexy <3

I've studied Herbalism for a months now and have always had a passion for nature, plants, and the Earth. I find that a holistic approach to life is beneficial in staying happy, healthy, and free, so whenever I have questions about life or am looking for new, expansive ways to think I look towards nature. You know as women our menstrual cycles follow the rhythm of the moon. All bodies are largely affected by the moon as well because of it's effect on the ocean and the tides. The moon effects how water flows so that's why we all feel differently during a full moon vs. a new moon. Anyways, I love nature and nature loves us - and I've found that nature is actually quite sexy! Who knew nature was such a little minx..

Here's an amazing website that shares about 8 of the sexiest plants that look like everything from big, juicy lips to kiss - to clitorises - lingams (sacred cock!) - and even little dancing friends.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. More than anything though, I hope this reminds you that sensuality and sexuality are quite natural and are everywhere. We are born as sexual beings and it's our job to educate ourselves on responsibility, spiritual, safe, and consensual ways of living in our divine birthright of pleasure, playfulness, and fulfilling sexual lives.

Let me know what you think of these amazing flowers in the comments! And I'm excited to share time together soon :) Maybe we can check out the local Conservatory or Gardens near you. :)

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