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Home is where the Heart is

What an adventure life is..

Wouldn't you say? I recently finished up a 3 month deep dive with an exclusive client and..

My, oh my! Was it enlightening. Having moved from the tropical weathers of Mexico where I was studying dance and communing with nature, to a very grey area of the US.. I found myself deeply immersed in the ritual of relationship. We laughed

We cried

We had arguments

We transformed

The alchemical experience was likened only to a true

Death and Rebirth

Our time together was literally like being at a University of Life

Finding peace, solace, comfort and delight in one another..

all while knowing it would soon come to an end.

And it did.

So now we have these memories and desires to continue loving each other and ourselves

while knowing that seasons change

and while our work together was profound

(I'm talking 2 hour forgiveness puja's, cacao ceremonies, birthday parties, sensual sensoriums.. everything from baths to working out to dinner parties in lace)

Well.. times change.

I've never been so blessed. I feel like the growth I personally experienced was unparalleled

and it reminds me why I do this work. Why I love: love.. Why I cherish precious moments and yes..

Why I signed up for all of it. Home has to be where my heart is

considering I've moved thousands of miles all over the world

and the only place I ever really return

is to my heart

and the heart's of those I've touched along the way.

Life is beautiful like that

Leaving breadcrumbs back 'home'

when you discover that home is usually

an embrace by another

that you love

and that witnesses you in all your fullest expressions



and soft hugs..

Although my time is up with him

I feel bittersweet

Happy to be free to travel and play

seeing and meeting new clients and lovers

friends and companions along the way And I recognize how delightful long-term romance is.

There's something truly magical about the depth of connection that is available

when you go all in.

Intimacy reminds us that if you can share yourself fully

well you can receive even more richness from a relationship. It's such a treat. Even as the sun sets

I know another dawn will come

So now, in the dusk of the mountains

as the sun sets on our time together

I let myself grief

because it's human to feel loss

and I let my heart rejoice

because of the incredible fun

being loved and loving

adored and adoring

of another

that got to happen for so long.

If we've met and you've ever thought about something more in-depth

A deep dive into union

and togetherness

Now is the time. I'm primed for long-term ritual

tantric education! Elation at it's human-finest..

true experience of what

Aligned Life

and companionship

can offer. It feels good to know that whatever happens

Home is where my heart is

and regardless of how far I travel

or how long I'm away

The heart's of those who are for me

and who I am for

will always be available for another

warm embrace.

The time is now.

With so much love,

Audrey Monroe

(I'm currently traveling through the East Coast and am available for tours, tantra education, and playdates! Let's be real, authentic, and hopefully romantic together :) )

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