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Gozo Love Affair

A romance whispered to me

From the Mediterranean Sea

I heard it’s siren song singing.

And so I made the leap

I followed my curiosity here

To sing and dance and be

And while I was here I got much more than I could ever imagine

The ocean and I have met many times before

And yet here

With the richness of this ancient land

My heart finally did melt

As my sins were abolished

And I set myself free


Boldly I order dessert for breakfast

And send it back

Because I’m already too sweet

Sipping cinnamon cappuccino’s with the breeze

Tossling my salty locks

Peacefully I day dream and breathe into the exactly woman I am meant to be

Already here

I release my love affair to my shadow

She can be held but mustn’t run the show

My love affairs

With messiness

Holy sacred sites with blood anointed on my third eye

Moments where I feel like I’m flying

And falling

That’s life.

Moving through ease is the message

Humbly recognizing:

Your pain and my pain are the same..

Pain just wants to be named.

Gorgeous people opening up about their struggles being beautiful

So much more than superficial

The tall ones, short ones, happy and sad ones, fat ones, skinny ones

We have all had something to make us feel separate

And yet with

A moment of heart opened accessibility

I see you

Seeing me

And I feel free.

Shadow and light

Will dance into eternity

Messages form in strange shapes and sizes and I say thank you for all that has landed for me

For we.

The ocean

We have met many times before

Naked and in love

Swimming endlessly

Into a new reality

Whatever we choose

Chooses we


European streets with smells and sites

All wrapped up in one small girls mind

Like a gift

For my inner child’s wish list.

Feels good to play with me.

My love affair isn’t so secret

The romantic rendezvous will happen time and time again

And so I swim

Into the depths

With those that have learned to also jump off the cliff

Thank you for meeting me on this small island

A point in time

Memories that will last a lifetime

Love that IS free

I can love you and release you and still want to meet you all over this great earth library.

What book are you writing? Can it start anew? What chapters next? After meeting your resistance do you feel renewed?

It’s all a possibility.

Fresh avo and sun dried tomato

Make up my morning with a side of Gozo cheese

I order dessert for breakfast but send it back

To instead sip my cinnamon cappuccino and

Write poetry by the sea.

Love, Muse

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