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From Hotel Bel-Air to the Holiday Inn

You really can take me anywhere..

not to say you should - by any means. No, I will not come to your Holiday Inn.. However, on a road trip immediately after one of the most magical getaways, I found myself driving my girlfriend and I up the highways to NorCal with camping gear in the back seat.. simply dripping in a whirlwind of adoration, and elation.. perhaps even a little mystery - seeing that I had just experienced magic and wasn't sure what would happen next. Oh, the Unknown. So, it's 2 am and I've been driving all night

still reeling from the evening of decadence before..

and here I am at a Holiday Inn, simply desiring a bed and a hot shower before I head out to a camping retreat with no cell phone service for the weekend.

What a life! What a dreamy, lifetime movie award winning, womanly world I get the gift of breathing into. Yum. So, some time has passed since this incredible trip

spaciousness has gifted me longer and more luxurious moments to slide into what my poem from this particular evening would consist of.

For a moment, I thought I lost my poetic groove

that's preposterous though - I simply needed time to align my heart

mind, body, and soul

On this particularly misty evening in LA

Seriously it's like being in a fairytale out there

I decided to gift myself a full night of ritual and ceremony.

It is the New Moon, anyways,

and if you haven't experienced a New Moon with me -

well, we best make a date immediately. The new moon is the perfect time to set strong and powerful goals for the future, seeing that the whole of nature is in support of whatever you intend with genuine conviction and devotion. It's a magical time of the month between the new moon and the full moon you will see great strides of successful accomplishment on whatever you've set your heart and mind to. I digress,

on this particular new moon I went to a delicious kundalini yoga class

made an amazing new girlfriend (aren't I always though?!) and got to reconnect with some of my favorite old friends. I love yoga classes for the community..

So I go to this class

purse filled with a Tupperware of rose petals

heart open

sheepskin thrown over my shoulder like a satchel

Ready to celebrate Diwali (Hindu festival for the Goddess of abundance and wealth - Lakshmi)

and a celebration it is. After class I was so enthusiastic about my life and my energy was vibrating so high

I knew it was my moment

off to the beach I rode, heart open and smile on my face

fingers a bit cold from the mist

yet not a care in the world

my heart had a mission of putting said flower petals into the ocean for the Mother Goddess Lakshmi

so I did.

and it was brilliant. I could feel the energy of this mother goddess reminding me that I am exactly where I need to be - in service and devotion as the feminine. It was so surreal. Misty, Magical, Quiet. Finally, inspiration struck once more as the words of this particular poem flew through me.

For those of you new here.. by spending time with me, the artist, you get to experience my poetic musings and artistry and it's all about.. us. It's about how you inspire me and how I inspire you

and that's moving.

That's life as art. That's the point. Pleasure, playfulness, creativity, beauty. Goodness where would we be in the world without the touch of beautiful art? I'd rather not even think about it.

So I won't. I'll instead share this poem.. which is always better read to you

tucked in crisp hotel sheets

tea in hand

hair draped messily after moments of passion

For now though.. this poem will do.

I hope you find my cadence and can hear my sultry, honey voice

blessing your ears with the vision of this particularly special evening.

Special because it was one of my greatest wishes I had never even told anyone - a night playing Audrey Hepburn at the Hotel Bel-Air.. My goddess it was so good I absolutely.. well.. we absolutely - yes, you and I, or me and you -

must absolutely do this.. New moments, new memories, new energies. I was honestly a bit.. stretch this particular trip. I was preparing for the camping trip and managing some things within my family that were weighing on my heart. I didn't feel 100% and yet was still treated like a Goddess. It felt so good to be allowed to be human, rather than idealized as a provider. Providers have real lives too.. although they are quite glamorous and surely glittered with so much joy and magic.. we feel and especially us conscious, more spiritual types.. we have our hands in many pots, in the heartfelt prayer that we can create even more change and positivity in a world that desperately needs it. It was both a relief to be met in my fullest human expression (Amaya, Audrey..well, all parts of me! haha) and to know that is truly medicine. It has my inspired and dreaming into what sort of experiences I'll offer next..


Let me tell you, ladies and gents,

There's a new mantra in town - rather than "It's too good to be true.."

What if we all tried on,

"It's so good, it's true."

Life is always happening for you.

So sit back into your chair

(thank you for reading all the way to here)

take a deep breath and relax your jaw as you exhale audibly


and enjoy this journey with me.

There’s playfulness in the poetry of our soul’s wild story

Coming together with you

Was a long time coming

Only you will know what I mean.

Anticipation is an all natural drug

I've learned to love..

Those butterflies and shots of electricity

the sense of something special brewing..

something so holy

capable of ravishing you

through and through

There was a particular sweetness to this though

timid and tender

like two adolescents crushing hard on each other

Wondering if it's ok to kiss..

Pure bliss

Meeting you was a reminder of why I’ve lived so wild and free

A life of adventure finally brought you to me

Alas, your hearts a bit torn and tattered

Life felt smashed

Warrior King's need their needs met too

And meeting your needs comes very naturally for this muse.

Passionate playfulness

Spiritual too

Bio hacking super babes on a mission to make grandiose moves

For the liberation of all who

Dare to seek and find

Who dare to toe the line of what it means to be


Living wildly

Will you slow down time and get lost with me?

Eye Gaze into each other's souls

then come back to stretch into our bodies?

Rolling around

Sheepskin rugs and ecstasy

Mind cracked open

And heart beating so rapidly

Yes, you can ravish me. I surrender to this wisdom of your

incredible conscious reality

Smoke a little Mary Jane

You’ve got my whole soul giggling

Swirling moments of divinity

Did you read my mind?

Or are you really just another mirror of me,

looking into the light of the divine?



Soul mate moments of levity

Swan filled ponds decorated with influential poetry

Dancing with flutes



Beyond special

Dare we say..


Prayers are answered when we send them out

On the wings of birds

And the breath of life

The air lifts up our desires and connects us so we might

Be free.

And receive

The medicine of each other’s authenticity

You play Mel

but I’ll always be Audrey

Walk slowly with me

Lift your crown

You're a King.

Extend tall like

The giving tree

That’s what you are to me

and honestly so many..

a Mighty Giving Tree

Protector and Provider


Teach me those moves again? The ones where I can safely

disarm any harm

that might ever try to

ruin my plan

or suffocate my high

Ji Jitsu and jamming

Free Flow dancing

all eyes on we.

You reminded me

That my life's journey has been one of great adventure

and liberating love stories

for humanity.

You reminded me that I have purpose

in simply being

in my pure femininity

Surrender and serendipity.

Our time together gifted me

a breath to start back up my ancient modalities

New regimes and medicines

Flowing through me

Songs of healing flowing out of me

New gifts to be given

Hearts even more wildly free

Even I came home to me

after getting to celebrate you

coming back up from the

dark night of the soul's

deep valley

Our time together was everything It needed to be


I hope you'd agree.. ;)

My prayer is that you too

Choose to write a powerful new story

And make it one full of your

Warrior Heart's


Lion King


And leave a little room in that story..

For me

Creature filled moments of wrestling

Before the sun can even kiss the window pane for breakfast

Luxuriate with me

Gosh, I wish we had another day


Hotel bel air off I was to stay

At a Holiday Inn

Down the way

To go camping and immerse myself in spiritual play

A girl's gotta play in order to keep shining.

And that’s what I call full integration

Night to day

Day to night

How is it possible my life

Could be such a grand adventure?

A gift from the goddess

in order to give others permission

to truly live.

Full experiential humans

Fully alive

Who thrive.

That’s the type I keep by my side.

Magnetizing the ones who seek light

And live light

Who go to great heights

So they can end their lives

Knowing they did right

In their own eyes

Life is a wave of ups and downs

But once you learn to ride

It’s all bliss

Even the challenging chapters

And moments

Because they allow new souls to come in

sacred souls who meet us

in truly precious

vulnerable and authentic


Thank you for that gift

Thank you for being brave enough to allow it

Thank me for being brave enough to allow it

feelings of gratitude

Tears of sweetness

Space for presence

Bodies for sensation

energy bodies elated

moments feeling anxious

excited, satiated

exploration with another

just like life was intended of.

In the mirror of these eyes I see

someone who has the devotion

and honest yearning

for Truth

whatever and wherever

He can find it...

So keep finding it

and living for it.

Sharing it

Trusting your bold intuition.

How could one ever negate the fact that fate awaits

To change the way

Your soul relates

To life and others

When you allow another to change you

And bring you home

To that internal


Made of gold

guiding you back to your North Star

through both the known and unknown.

Golden moments of laughter


Dreams made reality

One door closes

Another opens

You always get what you pray for

So keep your eyes and heart open

To let soulmates in

Know that your life

will always be better for it.

authenticity and vulnerability

will always be the best medicine

you just have to let it in..


Audrey Monroe Muse

My favorite place on Earth.. Well, one of them, at least.

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