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Formerly Known As..

Oh my

Nearly a year ago, my dream of becoming a modern muse was made a reality

and since then I have met so many incredible men and women

gone on adventures all around the world

have had touching moments that made my heart expand so deeply! And now.. As I recommit to the path of the Priestess

in order to create more magic and beauty

I am here..




Welcome to the stage, Amaya Muse.

Art has always been a passion of mine and I've decided to recommit to being an artist first and foremost. After a burlesque show I performed in, I realized that my mission on this planet is, yes, to turn people on, and yet to also embrace the medicine of sensuality, the magick of it, and the sacredness of it.

With Amaya Muse, I am in the world but not of it. Maya means illusion, and as any spirit seeker knows, the world is all an illusion..

as above (our thoughts)

so below (what we create)

Amaya almost means the great mother.. and it's my intention to Mother more men and women into their sensual sovereignty..

therefore creating a world incredibly turned on..

Are you with me?

As I indulge many a fantasy,

I'm also indulging my own fantasies of creating an art and dance studio so that when I'm not with all of you gorgeous beings

I'm creating my own works of art to perform.

Dinner Parties with burlesque

Poetry and Paint nights

Playful Dance classes

Topless Brunches!

Oh my!

This world (yes, the one where you find me to help uplift and enlighten you..)

Is ready for some big change.

As a Priestess of Pleasure

it's my purpose to create spaces for that..

So not only will I still be available for tantric immersions and exciting 1-1 work

but! I will also be available to host parties, create spaces, and support you in creating the life of your dreams.

Artist and Muse

and everything in between. I'm so grateful to feel this deep desire to show up in my authenticity even more deeply.

With sessions that are deeper than ever before, I will be focusing on holistic experiences that tantalize your soul and tickle your fancy..

Mmmm, so looking forward to creating with you.



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