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Evolution of a Full Package Priestess

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Another town

Another opportunity to open our minds

and our hearts.

Another evening (alright, two!)

Of Sacred and Holy Moments

dressed in lace

and laughter

turning heads while we

brazenly go after

our heart's highest calling. Ya'll, I swear I'm a therapist and coach in the body of a sensual muse whose only mission is to truly infuse you with a reflection of your own perfection and light. This weekend,

Goodness this month! I've felt so much adoration from the men and women I've met.. the relationships I've supported coming together

the people I've reminded how special they are.

Especially after this weekend though, I am reminded at the healing nature of eroticism

The medicine of sensuality

the ability that the primal urges we have are actually access to an

incredibly quick awakening.

As I sit in the tea house down the road from my latest apartment

I am literally humbled and infused

with absolute gratitude.

My most recent confidante reminded me over brunch

How he called me a "Full Package"

"You're like a coach and a therapist, a witch, a muse, a beautiful woman..

all in one." And it's true. I'm here for you

with all I've got! Praying you and I both get wisdom from our experience

that forever changes the course of lives

for the better

For the alignment of our mind, body, spirit

towards the vision of Life as the Masterpiece of your choosing. It's truly remarkable.

I've been in this field for over 12 years now and to see how my life's work has evolved is a testament to the transformation and alchemy that's possible when you truly believe in yourself.

From lackluster experiences to luxurious long-term exclusivity..

I've become the Muse of My own Life..

and that's why I can be there for you in the same way.

Many people don't think that spirituality and embodiment go together..

Well, I'm here to prove that hypothesis wrong.

This work has changed me. I've grown in my ability to communicate, I trust my intuition, I'm honest, graceful and elegant with a dash of spicy sassiness and it's authentic, primal, and purpose driven. My world travel to drink in all the mystic cultures of the world, coupled with years teaching communication in corporate, from studying art to being an art therapist has literally created a chameleon like woman who loves you. Who just simply loves you for you.

Because you're a part of We. I am here to help, celebrate, and support my collective of gorgeous humans to go out there and get what they want - because the world needs your happiest self, aligned to your values, making positive impact on your families, communities, and career choices.

It's a gift.. and in a world that's still waking up to what is "good" It's also challenging.

So thank you for being here with me

and see what true medicine is accessible

when we both show up fully aligned

and anchored in our personal truths! Showing up for a greater good. And when the goodbye happens

at the end of our time together..

I trust it.

With my whole heart, while tears stream down our faces

I TRUST the goodbye

as a new beginning

and I'm beginning to savor that flavor

where instead of running from the tears

I run towards them

embracing the sweetness of their salty orgasmic bliss

as they release serotonin from my mind

and allow me to truly reminisce.

Life is a gift.

Thank you for being a huge part of my world

My growth

My gift

My glory

My gorgeous embodiment of Feminine Holiness.

I love you

and I'm grateful for this journey.

I'm elated at my own growth with my gifts and service

and I feel met by the men and women who come into my space

even if it's just for a few hours, a few days, a few months.. or even years. I'm just blessed to be here. Enjoying the true nature of reality

not grasping

nor renouncing anything.

Simply breathing into the moment

and allowing myself to surrender into the truth of my feelings. More to come..


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