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East Coast Adventure

Who in the world could have know that Boston would be so.. sweet.

Despite co-vid precautions, I am incredibly grateful for the men and women I had the

gift of spending time with. I've only ever been once or twice to visit with family, and this time around.. was so alluring! From soft skinned moments of passion

to walks around the park enjoying the scents of autumn

tree's kissing me with their falling leaves

as I walk down the beautiful avenues and streets

of New England.

To snow storms! Wild sleet and hail

keeping me trapped in my hotel room

waiting for you to bring over Champagne

and unwind.


New friendships -

wild new friendships that will span time and space- forever..

I've felt loved in new ways

and loved in new ways


Unconditionally. Excitedly! Eagerly.. I've never left a city so sad and already planning to come back. The rich architecture

the gentleman

the accents

the food - the wine! The kindness of people's hearts

I've truly been moved. Who knew the East Coast would feel so good?

My Cali heart has been smitten

and it's because of the openness

the delight

the heart and soul of each person

I was gifted with sharing

my soul service with. I'm so blessed to open spaces of ritual


and play

Intimate moments of pure connection that give us both

energy to keep making the best of

Each Day. Spaces where the clients in my life

can open up and be their true selves

to redefine their connection to their truth

and what it means to

Be Alive.

Live with me!

once more as the wine flows and our hearts

pour into each other

memories of passion and pleasure


wild memories


from our purest moments of pleasure

I implore you to continue living your yes

and thank you for making me a part of it. Delightfully Yours Boston,


From a gorgeous autumn adventure..

To a wild winter wonderland! For Halloween.. Oh goodness.

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