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Chicago Poetry

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

As a muse it's always so rewarding when I can inspire a new friend to write. After meeting with the most kind-hearted gentleman, he emailed me a few days letter with a poem that I had ignited within his heart. Enjoy. Perhaps I can ignite something within you?

So many times I have found you

the many times I have lost you

Days to years kept in the throes,

Surrounded, the desert sand

hastily to escape my hand,

why are you part of my skin

I sin

why do you live in me

Its Divinity

that of the one who has you

that of the one who forbids questioning you

that of the one without asking you

you. I teach.

Me star that I could never reach

"What has to be, will be"

"The love conquers all"

With everything and the mantras that I repeat,

I lose you...

And you always find me

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