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Cheers: a Compelling Invitation

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Mmmm! I am so in love with all the adventurous souls out there who are still reaching towards their heart's desires, especially during these strange and unprecedented times.

Of late I've met some of the most amazing humans who have gifted me such insight and opportunities to learn, grow, and serve..

As I continue to learn and study different modalities and ancient teachings in order to share with you, I also continue to learn about myself. I've come to the understanding I am a Generator in Human Design. Human Design is a pseudoscience combining astrology, I Ching, Kabbalah and the Chakras. Human Design was originated by Alan Robert Krakower and is a powerful and playful way to learn and understand more about yourself.

When I have an invitation to something, I have now learned to tune into my body - and trust with absolute certainty - what next right action to take.

This has lead me to releasing some clients due to misaligned values or desires..

and it has also lead me towards compelling invitations that are creative and absolutely dreamy. Once you know how to make decisions aligned with your highest self - life really chooses to meet you in absolute grace. (ask about this during our next session! Happy to offer you a reading.)


Cue the Mayan God and his invitation to the beaches of Mexico.

What started off as online meditations nearly a year ago, has blossomed into a Tantric Immersion - and I quote - where we get to spend time together with Big-Hearts. My goodness! This.. is a full body yes.

An invitation to explore, play, travel.. and laugh.

To learn, grow, practice yoga, enjoy sunsets..

and witness the beauty of life. Because of our Big Hearts

we get to feel into the immense excitement of something

brand new. So.. Mayan King -

Thank you from the top, sides, and bottom of my heart! I'm over-joyed to be going on this adventure and so looking forward to the memories it will provide. I admire your curiosity and devotion to new experiences. Know that you've already provided me with so much bliss and we've not even landed yet! Cheer's to a growing connection and relationship --

and bless our gift of being able to spend time together in person now. Meow! ;)

Mmm, may all beings every where follow their internal guidance system, lean into the expansive nature of new things, and let love guide them. All yours,


^A Bohemian Affair

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