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Birthday Month

December is one of my favorite months because it's a time of celebration in the world

Personally, it's my birthday month! So when I start receiving presents (my love language) and getting to invite people to events that I curate, I get all sorts of bubbly inside.

This year has been extra special because I feel celebrated in so many different ways. From the women in my life who I get to call my friends

to the men who I get to celebrate and love

to the work I'm doing in the world

to the art I'm creating

to the growth I've experienced

and my amazing family. I have it all! My first birthday celebration was at the Ritz Carlton in MDR and YUMMY My beautiful friend brought me out so we could get all dressed up

what I love about this man is his ability to communicate and love with his whole heart

our relationship is one of the most authentic and caring I've ever had. Seeing him come into his truth has been so powerful as we have been seeing each other for years now.

Starting during the pandemic

when most people were confused or a bit estranged

we could find solace in the honest of each other's connection and heart

His pure intentions have allowed me to blossom into great versions of myself! and his birthday gift was beyond my wildest dreams

so heartfelt! Candles, chocolates, dinners, massage, giggles and dessert..

The most precious part is that this particular man loves me through and through!

He is as interested in my everyday life

as my life with with him..

It's so delicious to be met and appreciated and celebrated. The start of my birthday season will surely be remembered for ever.

I love love

and I love my life.

Thank you

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