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A Sweet Celebration of FX Success

Updated: Sep 14, 2020


I cant get enough Q

My lips still quiver - all of them.


The most delicious taste

languidly rests on my lips

after a day of delights

with one of the most golden hearted men

I've ever met.

As I sit in reflection

jazz playing softly from

the surround sound

I'm met with an internal buzz

of beauty. A landscape of memories floods my mind

laughter, inside jokes, intimacy

stories of family and travel

lovers loved and lost


What bliss.

Immediately upon corresponding

with this FX superstar

I was elated

He was open to my style of communication

my warmth

and even my dreamy way of co-creating memories together.

A serious blessing of a babe.

Excitement was shared between the two of us

that showed up as pleasure

relaxing and juicy moments

made of connecting with the soul of

one another.

Truly, a happy hour..

Every day, all the time.. Authenticity

A value I celebrate in a world where

fake is easy.

I mean, we're from LA..

Where anything can happen in the movies

I, however, want the realness

of your personal reality

the experiences that made you who you are..

I can hear into what matters to you

through the stories you gift me

and the way my body opens

when you are exploring.

We listened to Kc & JoJo

before languidly enjoying

"Easy like Sunday morning.." Soul much magic

in a suite made for two..

My only regret is that I would have made you

gaze into my eyes as I shared for the hundredth time

how delightful you are

and how grateful I am for the precious moments of truth

we shared

and how excruciatingly wonderful and worthy you are

of having it all.

I trust..

and feel..

A gift to celebrate with you

Mutually felt by each other

is the only truth.

Oh.. that and I would have had more mimosas

in my sweater

while reading you my favorite Rumi Poems..

Alas, no regrets

simply because I trust in every moment as pure corazon medicine

And I trust there's more kizmet konnection to come.

So.. a poem for my FX SuperStar..

May memories continue to

cascade into your mind

a time of celebration and sensuality

all in the name of success..

Cheers to more of that. {gigs x10} yes!

Tattooed Skin

Placed so delicately

over her salacious and sinewy muscles

a curvy frame

an exquisite muse to make love to

has visited you again.

I enjoy the way

my leg looks fashioned against

the creaminess of your milky skin.

Draped in crisp, white sheets

we explore kisses

that send my whole body into

ecstatic vibration

tingly sensations warm my pleasure center up

and I express myself to you

wanting more.. more.. more..

You recognize my yearning

and make your way down my body


w/ the softest sasquatch beard

oiled to perfection.

You allow your tongue to explore dancing

upon my bodies most delightfully fragrant parts

The environment:

Wall sized windows

elegantly draped in sheer linens,

tuffed leather furniture,

mixed with the music

as my body once more wails and quivers

in exciting orgasmic bliss.

Who thought possible

during pandemic

an adventure as ostentatious as this..?

You saved me from the drudgery of another mundane weekend

as the fires of California clouded the sunshine,

I was worried I'd feel the dullness forever

however, you created magic for us

not once but thrice..

as we got to explore the basic Ambrose

and luxuriate in the classy Mr. C

all whilst dreamy of Tuscany inspired moments

all in only a day together.

You, with that midwestern heart of gold

I see you and celebrate all that you are

all that you dream of~!

A kind-hearted, handsome man

with a knack for helping others

a real life, voltron superhero

creating composites

and laughter wherever he goes.

Who knew two Chicago souls

would have to come to LA

to get to know one another.

It's a good thing life is Kizmet like that..

Naturally bringing together good people

to hold, caress, and express.

Oh how I love to express! and even listen

to the stories that made you.

My prayer is you continue to see yourself

how I see you

Highly Creative,

Kind King,

Interesting and funny (what a treat!)

intelligent, present, playful

Let my soft skin and effusive nature

be a laugh and a giggle

that remains in your heart and minds eye

for an extraordinarily long time.

My world has been made better

through knowing you.

Thank you for providing such an

exciting ride ;)

<3, Muse

As I continue to muse.. I imagine into a world where our characters are creatively composited in a wonder-land; an art nouveau imagination: daisies and dancing,

Mmmm, There's a delicious gazebo with wild flowers growing all over it

and inside..

is a "Su-Purrrr Conductor"

A perfect symphony

elemental magic floats through the air

As he moves fiddles this way and that

moving with discernment

listening, acute


He is conducting some seriously pleasurable energy! This Muse is dancing wildly as he

enhances the flowers and gets the trombone going

Mastery at its finest

the more the Conductor

breathes into His Purpose the more

Muse must dance and sing

it's a wild sight to see

so magical and inspiring..

Happy Hour all day, every day (love this as a life motto)

post play glow


I need to speak with Mr. C and thank him for such a fun staycation <3

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