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A day in the Life of the Muse: Easter Edition

My life seems to be something like that out of a movie.. My friends all reach out to me when in need of unconditional love

or perhaps the reminder that their desires and fantasies are "ok to have." So yesterday after a sweet tea party at the local park

I found myself invited to watch a couple of my friends make love.

Now, I didn't realize this was something I either wanted nor desired to do..

but as the moment came closer I couldn't help but be inspired! So when my phone rang, I called up an uber and headed to go "lay out"

in my girlfriends backyard..

This would be a surprise for her partner who had always whispered his desire for someone to accidentally end up.. watching them.

As I tanned in the nude outside her home.. I casually made my way inside to use the restroom..

when I was sure they were doing the deed.. I quietly knocked and in my sweetest most innocent voice, called out out to them to see what they were up to.

When I was invited inside I had no idea what they were up to! ;) Alas, it was poetic! Beautiful ivory and chocolate skin

heavy breathing

gorgeous shapes and sounds..

My whole purpose shifted to seeing them in their divine union

and had me wondering "who would make love to me with an audience? Where could I find a lover to share in this momentous beauty?" So.. I watched and sighed, giggled and even caressed the two

as they joined in pleasure filled bliss. What an Easter, eh? How was your Easter Sunday? Did you get to celebrate fertility in any special kind of way?

Would you bare witness to the beauty of two people making tantric (or even primal!) love? I sure hope so! Tell me about it below! Or better yet, message me to see if we can't fulfill some of your interesting and delightful fantasies. Xo.


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