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As a woman who loves beaches, I am pleasantly surprised by how much fun I am having in Austin. So there's no ocean breeze tosseling my beautiful mane. I don't smell of coconut oil, sand hugging all of my curves from dancing around the beach.

Honestly. That's ok. Mexico is a hop, skip and a jump away. Miami is nearby and She and I have always had a delicious love affair..


The nature here is gorgeous. The energy of everyone is so jovial, so open-hearted! The community here loves to play outside at Barton Springs, Zilker Park, and all the

Green Belts <<-- yes, I just learned that new term and am enjoying throwing it in to conversations when I can.

The men are so chivalrous! I've gotten more ma'am's here than I have in any of my travels to new places.

And the women here are truly supportive and celebratory. I've been out dancing and have only met the sweetest southern belles ;)

There's so much of Austin I'm eager to explore.

So many delicious restaurants, art galleries, and people to connect with.

I want to do that with you.

Have you lived here a long time and you need some new inspiration? I am the muse for you then! Show me around your favorite places and watch me get excited to reinvigorate your feel of home. ;)

I'm so excited to explore all sorts of things. Here's what I've found so far:

Museums of different kinds: art and arcade games.

Shopping at The Domain ( I hear it's beautiful, some stores we know, some we don't.. but all the hustle and bustle of shopping malls is inspiration for people watching and adventures to unfold)

New Hotels I've never seen in other cities (The Line, Proper is everywhere but it's GORGEOUS, and unique Kimptons!) Let me read you poetry as our hands gentle touch at a restaurant that smells of rich wine and decadent delights.

Could we find the hotel with the most beautiful bath so can give you a ritual around cleansing and releasing your stress? Milk and Honey dripping down your body, satiating your soul to feel vibrant and free once more.

Should we jump into Barton Springs, the freezing water shocking your system into full, delicious presence. Our laughter being the melody of afternoon's delights.

Or what if we get lost in the beautiful colors and scents of ZIlker botanical gardens?

Where ever shall we begin?

My passion for tantra is only met by my passion of creating experiences to catapult you into your most inspired life.

Whether we are meeting for a one on one session of coaching

say a deep dive with the gentle plant medicine of cacao

a heart-opening afternoon of meeting your true self..

or if we are holding hands as we stroll down a part of the city I've never seen..

Healing happens in pleasure filled moments of truly getting to know someone who cares. Genuine connection IS the medicine..

So yes, book with me because I'm an award winning bodyworker, with hands that feel being blessed by an angel..

But stay longer so we can enjoy the magic of life

of a new city

of a new friend, confidante.. or perhaps even a new....

The art of connection

of healing

of pleasure

it doesn't start in the bedroom..

it starts in how much you can truly enjoy eating out

how patiently and presently you enjoy ice-cream on a chilled spoon- savoring the sweet flavor before it drips onto the table.

how much you enjoy watching the face of a beautiful woman


at the gift of going into a store

and surprising her with a present

or seeing how she tries on something sexy for you..

oh.. so.. slowly.

How she moans with her bite of food, her eyes roll back while she tastes something brand new

something you provided for her..

something she'd never have

without you.

Healing happens in many ways. As a healing artist, and an artist of exquisite moments of connection, passion, and inspiration.. I'm here for you.

Oh, Austin. It's such a pleasure getting to know you.

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